Transitional living is designed for young adults, both men & women, ages 18-21, who do not have access to stable, safe and affordable housing and need support in developing independent living skills. Both single women & single moms are welcome, as there is room for the child to stay in the room with the mother. 


Through the transitional living program at Bethel, a masters-level social worker is provided to help with any life problems, such as managing finances or learning other important life skills. This program gives young adults a safe space to live, study, and socialize with like-minded young adults. The house for women serves 5, with each resident having a private room with a private bathroom. And the house for men serves 4, with each resident having a private room and shared bathroom. The living room, dining room, and kitchen areas are also shared. 

    • Be in need of independent living support and open to receive training in a safe group living environment.
    • Be age 18-21  (at entry to the program) OR a current Bethel resident age 18 or older who is in need of transitional living services.
    • Women residents may have 1 child living with them for whom they have custody of.
    • Be ready to begin an educational program or vocational training within 3-6 months.
    • Be employed with enough income to cover monthly housing and other expenses.
    • Complete application and submit all needed documentation. Failure to provide all accurate and necessary information will be cause for denial of services.
    • Be committed to working closely with Bethel staff and community supports within the parameters of the Transitional Living program.
    • Be able to successfully pass reference checks and background checks, including fingerprinting. ($42 fingerprinting fee paid by applicant)
    • Have no history of violent or certain other types of criminal charges, to be evaluated case-by-case prior to admission.
    • Be willing and able to submit proof of passing a substance abuse test prior to entry to the program. Participants who have a history of drug use will be required to submit to random screens thereafter.
    • Be willing to engage in Christian spiritual growth through church and community opportunities.
    • Agree to pay $150 deposit upon admission to the program.
    • Agree to pay a monthly fee of $300 to help with program costs.
    • Have appropriate childcare (if you have a child).
    • Have your own transportation plan or your own vehicle (with license, registration and insurance)
    • Must have storage available for furniture, bulk items, and excessive clothing.
    • Agree to transition from Bethel’s Living Housing Program at the time defined in your individualized plan.

    Bethel Bible Village does not discriminate on the basis of mental or physical handicap, race, color, religion, national origin, age or sex (except where age, sex or mental/physical condition is a bona fide treatment or program criteria).


    To apply for this program, please click the link below.