As a boy, Adam Conner was raised by his loving grandparents because his mother was not able to take care of him.

“Then, my grandfather passed away when I was 6, leaving just my ‘Ma’am Maw’ to raise me,” Adam recalls. “She did the best she could, but eventually, she had to go to a nursing home, leaving me with no other family to turn to.”

That’s when Adam came to live at Bethel.  In this video, Adam explains how his time at Bethel prepared him for success in life and business, and most recently, as he fulfills a dream to become a songwriter. 

A Future in the Making

Adam recently finished writing his first song and is now a songwriter with Big Show Publishing.

“Through a connection made with Mo Pitney from the recent Country Connection, I now have music to go along with my lyrics,” Adam says. “I am currently working to have a demo recorded so I can pitch the song.”

“Not only is my dream coming true, it’s also an answer to prayer,” Adam notes. “God is blessing this move to Nashville and has a bright plan for my future, just as He did when I first moved to Bethel!”

Adam calls this story “To Be Continued…”  We’ll be sure to bring you updates.

2019 Update: Adam has completed a demo of his first country song. We are excited to see who will record it!