Our History


Our story began in 1954, with six boys living in cardboard boxes. With their parents no longer able to take care of them, Floyd Hipp, a prison evangelist, realized he needed to find a way to help. He opened a home for those six boys on Signal Mountain and our ministry has grown from there.

For 60+ years, we have witnessed how Hipp’s faith-based approach can help so many young people facing adversity. Bethel is located in beautiful Hixson, TN.  We have served over 2000 children through our residential care and fully accredited school, Bethel Christian Academy. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered homes and education for children, equipping and inspiring them to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. 

Christ-centered: We value our faith in God, and it is the foundation on which we build our ministry by providing safe, nurturing Christ-centered homes to children of families in crisis.

Children and Families: We value children having their needs met in their family. We value families equipped to meet the needs of their children. Therefore, we offer love, support, acceptance, training, and an opportunity for spiritual growth toward the goal of being together as a family.

Excellence: We value excellence in programs, stewardship, and relationships.

Leadership: We value approachable, Godly leadership properly aligned and working together to effectively impact children and families.

Creativity / Innovation / Flexibility: We value progressive positive change that allows us to speak to the changing society in which we live.

Compassion: Because we care, we meet families in crisis where they are with love and support.

Vision Statement

We envision children of families in crisis transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and empowered to fulfill all their God-given potential.


At Bethel Bible Village, we believe to change people’s lives and hearts, they need to understand that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

We provide a Christ-centered environment of safety, love, and encouragement as we serve children and families who have experienced adversity. Children in our care are introduced to God’s love and truths through weekly church attendance, Bible study, and a daily Christian lifestyle of loving house parents and staff.

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Bethel Bible Village engages five core competencies as we work to transform the lives of kids facing adversity. The core competencies and desired outcomes are:

Spiritually – A child will know Christ as his/her Savior and will have a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Physically – A child will have an understanding of and will take personal responsibility for his/her health.

Intellectually – A child will have a desire to learn and will demonstrate academic progress.

Relationally – A child will love and respect other people and interact in a positive way, regardless of life circumstances.

Emotionally – A child will understand his/her emotions and will choose to express them appropriately when faced with life’s issues.

2022-23 Impact Report


Our overall strategic goal is to deepen our impact on the community by serving more children. We focus on positive outcomes for each child as we prepare them to discover the life God has designed for them. As in years past, in 2022 we relied on God’s provision, and He saw us through another challenging year.

Bethel is committed to strong financial stewardship, using your donations wisely. In 2022, 87 cents of every dollar donated went directly to programs for children recovering from adversity.

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