Our 3 step admissions process

Step 1: Fill out an application.

If you are the legal guardian of a child grade 6 to 12 that meets our criteria (as listed below), please fill out our online application.

Step 2: Meet with our staff. 

Bethel’s admission team will set up a meeting with you and your family and give you a tour of our campus. You will be able to learn more about our programs during the application process to see if Bethel is a good fit for your child.

Step 3: Our team meets to discuss your child’s needs.

The admission team meets to discuss whether Bethel is a good fit to help the child and/or family, and relays that information as soon as a decision has been made.

To apply to be a day student at
Bethel Christian Academy,
click the link below.
Is Bethel the Right Place for My Child?

There are some challenges that require care Bethel is not equipped to provide. If Bethel is not the right fit, our staff can help you with a referral for appropriate care.

These are the common reasons children grades 6 to 12 find help at Bethel:

  • Struggle with grades, school behavior, or truancy
  • Are living in a family experiencing heavy conflict and emotional stress, at a level that requires some time apart to work on relationship building
  • Need more structure and supervision because of a guardian’s work schedule
  • Struggle to make appropriate choices when faced with negative peer pressure
  • Need a temporary placement so a family or parent can avoid losing custody or to avoid disrupting an adoption
  • Have completed a higher level of care program but are not able to return home
  • Need training in social skills, peer interaction or relationships with authority figures
  • Have started down a path to delinquency, but this has not become a “hard core” lifestyle
  • Need a temporary stable home and care due to economic or legal situations such as a parent in jail, homelessness, or family illness


Bethel Bible Village is not a good fit for children or teens who struggle with the challenges listed below, however Bethel’s admission department can refer your family to appropriate resources. If you need a referral, contact David Shinn.

  • Children with an I.Q. below 80 need special education services that Bethel cannot provide (however we can help refer you to an agency best suited to provide special care).
  • Are dependent upon or addicted to alcohol or other drugs, or who sells or distributes illegal substances to others
  • Have had suicidal or psychotic episodes within the past six months
  • Have recently been discharged from psychiatric inpatient programs or other intensive programs and do not appear to have the self-control necessary for group living in a family-style home
  • Are physically aggressive or violent toward peers, adults, animals or property
  • Have exhibited sexually “acting out” behaviors or is at risk of sexually perpetrating upon others
  • Have medical conditions that require specialized diets, frequent specialized medical care, or 24-hour standby specialized medical care, which would prevent their participation and involvement in similar schedules, responsibilities and activities
  • Are unwilling to work toward changing identified behavior patterns
Important Notes

Family involvement is a central part of Bethel’s programs. Therefore, it is necessary for a child’s legal guardian, parent or grandparent to be able to get to our campus for visits and other family activities a couple times each month.

Financial information: Each family is asked to pay an affordable monthly fee, based on the family’s ability to pay, but no family is ever turned away due to financial need.

Bethel’s admission team may grant exceptions for those who don’t meet all the criteria but would be best served at Bethel due to special circumstances.

Bethel Bible Village does not discriminate on the basis of mental or physical handicap, race, color, religion, national origin, age or sex (except where age, sex or mental/physical condition is a bona fide treatment or program criteria).