At age 12, Allen Green was ready to give up hope.

With no one at home to care for him, he dropped out of school and ran away. The statistics would say he had no chance for a future.

Instead, Allen Green landed at Bethel Bible Village, where his House Parents, Floyd and Deborah Richardson, introduced him to a Christ-centered and purpose-driven approach to life.  He still faced struggles, but he learned the value of grit and perseverance.

Now a Chattanooga firefighter, Allen explains how he beat the odds and found hope at Bethel.


Giving Back

Allen knows there are many kids who share hard stories and he wanted to do something to help them. So he started a nonprofit organization called PPCH focused on mentoring youth.

Inspired by Allen’s determination to make a difference, TV reporter Lori Mitchell shared his story on WRCB-TV:



Allen recently brought volunteers from his organization out to Bethel, to host an inspirational “Back To School Bash” for the kids now at Bethel. We love his heart for giving back and representing Christ for kids in crisis.