The Mission of the Life Steps program is to provide a Christ-centered
environment that supports the resident and the family’s development, teaches
independence, responsibility, and accountability in a structured, loving
environment, to give hope and a new vision for life.

Life Steps is a residential program for both boys and girls, grades 6 to 12, who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues. These issues often arise from adversity in the home or at school.


In this program, children are assigned to family-style homes, based on their gender, where live-in houseparents provide care, supervision, guidance, and accountability. All children in this program attend Sunday Church services with their houseparents and go to our campus school, Bethel Christian Academy. They participate in developing their Individual Program Plan (IPP) and attend individual, family, or group counseling. Each IPP focuses on the spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional needs and growth of the child. This is done in hopes that the child will learn to make good life choices, have academic success, choose to obey rules and laws, practice self-control, and take responsibility for their own actions. Based on the child’s circumstances and the decisions made during the application process, there is both a 5-day and 7-day option.


During the child’s time at Bethel, the parent/guardian retains legal custody. Families or legal guardians visit and call their children on a regular basis. Children go home two weekends a month and longer visits during school breaks. In addition, they attend all meetings, counseling sessions, and parent education classes. One of the key objectives for this program, is for the child to develop a healthy relationship with their family through healthy communications and regular, positive family time. Our staff works closely with each family toward the goal of the child finishing their program within 12 to 18 months and reuniting the child with their family. 

To apply for this program, please click the link below.