Missy Smith, a house parent for Bethel, lives and works with a group of girls each week, creating an impact in the same place that invested in her family during their time of adversity.

At age 15, Missy and her twin brother were first invited to visit Bethel by the Activities Coordinator, David Snow. David picked the kids up each week on a bus route to Highland Park Baptist Church. After learning that their mother was sick, Mr. Snow convinced her to let the kids come to Bethel for a fun weekend getaway. As her condition worsened, she could no longer take care of Missy and her brother and soon after, they became residents on campus.

During her time at Bethel, Missy’s mother passed away and she remained there with her brother for nearly five years. Missy was able to encounter many positive experiences including graduating from high school. After graduation, Missy made the decision to pursue a nursing degree. Although nursing was her goal, Missy instead obtained jobs that led her to travel across the US, even living in California for a short time. Nine years after leaving Bethel Bible Village, Missy was called back to Bethel by Deborah Richardson, a house parent at the time. Mrs. Richardson asked Missy if she could come back to help babysit her son while she was working, and after six months, Missy felt a call in her heart to pursue a full time position working with Bethel.

In 2023, Missy celebrated 25 years of working at Bethel Bible Village. She is grateful for the opportunity to work in ministry and the opportunity to make an impact in girl’s lives.  “I hope that the people I work with see me as loyal and trustworthy and I pray everyday that others will see Christ in me.”